Arabic Escort Seduction

I have worked in Dubai’s escort agencies all my life and can’t imagine myself elsewhere. It is amazing job there get to know a lot of different people, enjoy the time with no strings attached. There was a man who wanted me to make his evening unforgettable. He didn’t say what exactly he wanted. He left me to decide. Of course I could include more and more services to get more money, but for me escort business isn’t all about that. I told him to tell about himself, what he likes and so on. He seemed a nice guy so I decided to take him to the Dubai Zabeel Park and to the nearby resort. At first we it a bench and he told what is wrong with him to get a Arabic lady. He just was too shy and wanted be more spontaneous and reckless. I put my legs in his lap and bend down to him letting him see my breasts. He didn’t pay actual interest. I needed to turn him on somehow. It is my escort’s job. I let my hand go through this hair and lover at the same time kissing him. He was slow, but cute. The young man just kept me in his arms as we looked on the nature.

Finally he let me take him to the little resort place. It was a small building and we got one free room. I had massage oil with me so I decided to use that. At first he let only to massage his back. I saw that he enjoyed that, but there was no sign of passionate likeness. I asked him to turn over. At the front of stomach there were sexy muscles. I pulled down as far as could and than simply decided to take my clothes off. He looked attentively and after a while asked if I wanted a massage. Differently from him I took my underwear off. So I was lying there naked and he put oil over me. I pulled him closer and started to kiss. He let to unzip his jeans. At least he was feeling some kind of delight. There was too much oil, because we were slipping in each other. But he couldn’t get away as I was holding him in my embrace. With one hand I worked to make his cock ready for my pussy. He began himself to kiss my neck and later breasts. I think these babies trilled him, because he was ready much faster than I thought. I easily lead his cock where it obviously hadn’t been for a while. The oil made it easy and we slide together forwards and backwards. More surprisingly he was the first who started to gasp form the delight. My legs around him made us seem as in whole piece. We finished together and his cock was still in me. It was pulsating. We went to different sides, but I am sure he had a great passionate evening at Dubai’s park territory.

Washington DC Escort Social-Maryland Escort Party

I have to admit I am blown away with the fantastic response to the social. So many of you have called me with your feedback I’m grateful and appreciative. If you have any suggestions as to which local providers you’d like to see invited let me know.

Who wish to attend just contact me it’s easier. You must be a known quantity with a valid website and reviews.


To alleviate any concerns, the social will NOT be in a public bar or club. Gentleman / Clients who do not possess a Fantasys Client code will need to be screened by Fantasys Client Screening please do so now by going to or if you need more of an explanation of the system go here or SEE the BOTTOM of this posting for more on Fantasy Client Screening Services.

This is a pre-registration event, which means if you are NOT on the list you will not be sent the location nor be allowed in.

These measures are to insure the safety and integrity of the event. The Fantasys Network which we are a part of has been around for 26 years folks.

Why ?Because we are EXTREMELY safety conscious and we make NO  compromises when it comes to the security of our clients and associates. Consider this concept, “truth and only be proven by results” and unlike many others in the escort industry, the Fantasys Network is still here.
Therefore, come on out and meet some of the Dreams and Fantasys Women along with other local providers,  hobbyists you’ve either read about or chatted with.
Those of you who are newbies and have yet to see a provider you are just as welcome to meet and talk with those of like mind.

Your comments are welcome HERE

You can also post them at the Maryland Escorts goup here:

WHAT IS AN ESCORT SOCIAL?:Think of it this way, it’s no different than your church, work or special interest mixer. Escort Socials also happen to be an excellent way to get acquainted with various escorts in a relaxed no pressure setting. This gives the newbie a chance to observe, talk, and discover there is nothing to be over anxious about. If there is a specific provider you’ve always wanted to meet and share small talk with, this is the perfect opportunity. Many hobbyists ( we at Fantasys! call them Enthusiasts) use this as an opportunity to meet other Hobbyists they may have conversed with on the myriad of discussion boards and communities. Some Enthusiasts contract with a provider to accompany them for the evening and go as a couple. In the case of our socials, since we have couples and women who are also clients, don’t be surprised to see them there as clients as well. This social will not be held in a public bar or club since most of our clients have sensitive employment positions or are semi-public figures. For those of you concerned about meeting someone you know, let go of this fear. Odds are you wont and if you do, they are their for the same reason you are. Consider it this way, they will have the same concerns as you. Correspondingly they also will have the same motivation to keep their mouth shut. A Perfect Win-Win. Besides, this is simple social gathering of people in a very private setting, no more, no less. Any happenings between consenting adults will and must happen on your own time, NOT at the event. We will provide Hors D Oeuvres however if you desire libation it is BYOB. No unapproved cameras, or recording devices will be allowed. Those of you who must carry a cell phone (ie. medical personnel) we’ll make special arrangements. Otherwise camera cell phones are a no no..ABOUT FANTASY CLIENT SCREENING – [ FCS ] FantasyClientScreening started screening clients back in 2000 and went to a public online system in 2005. The concept of Escort Industry Client Screening was actually started by FCS. Other systems like Provider 411 are a copy and Date check is NOT client screening, it’s a vouching system, which is fundamentally flawed. I’ll tell you now your information is safe with the FCS now entering its tenth year and Fantasys has been around for 26.The Social will most likely be in Frederick MD since it is the intersection of routes MD-15, I-70 and 270, which meets the North / South, and East / West major road requirements. Dress will be business casual to Semi Formal. Those of you who are self employed or company owners bring your business cards networking with other “clients” will be permissible. At this time most of the Dreams and Divine Companion women will be there, with the possibility of new associates and maybe Fantasy Kim, Kate or Cory. Area providers you are also welcome to attend provided you are a known quantity have a valid website and reviews.

Blonde Escorts Directory

Blonde Escort Advertising UK USA

Blonde Escorts are required by many clients throughout the UK and USA who have that specific preference. Our research into the escort market shows that clients will search under the term blonde escorts frequently. Our escort directory is one of the biggest on the top search engines, and we get thousands of hits per day of clients directly looking for escorts in the UK and USA. Our escort advertising options are the most cost effective on the web, while being the most easy to find on the web also. Blonde Escorts – There are many directories about, lets face it. Some are professional, most are after a quick buck or pound. It is simple, escorts need bookings to earn money. no escort bookings = no money. So the only way to provide escorts with the bookings is to be highly ranked among the TOP search engines, guaranteeing that there is traffic and clients coming to the site. To enable that it takes, time planning, experience and common sense. We had all of those and that is what sets us apart. reputation, honesty, experience and common sense when it comes to this market. Blonde Escort directory – Blonde Escort Agencies use this resource to either individually advertise their escorts or their actual directory.