Arabic Escort Seduction

I have worked in Dubai’s escort agencies all my life and can’t imagine myself elsewhere. It is amazing job there get to know a lot of different people, enjoy the time with no strings attached. There was a man who wanted me to make his evening unforgettable. He didn’t say what exactly he wanted. He left me to decide. Of course I could include more and more services to get more money, but for me escort business isn’t all about that. I told him to tell about himself, what he likes and so on. He seemed a nice guy so I decided to take him to the Dubai Zabeel Park and to the nearby resort. At first we it a bench and he told what is wrong with him to get a Arabic lady. He just was too shy and wanted be more spontaneous and reckless. I put my legs in his lap and bend down to him letting him see my breasts. He didn’t pay actual interest. I needed to turn him on somehow. It is my escort’s job. I let my hand go through this hair and lover at the same time kissing him. He was slow, but cute. The young man just kept me in his arms as we looked on the nature.

Finally he let me take him to the little resort place. It was a small building and we got one free room. I had massage oil with me so I decided to use that. At first he let only to massage his back. I saw that he enjoyed that, but there was no sign of passionate likeness. I asked him to turn over. At the front of stomach there were sexy muscles. I pulled down as far as could and than simply decided to take my clothes off. He looked attentively and after a while asked if I wanted a massage. Differently from him I took my underwear off. So I was lying there naked and he put oil over me. I pulled him closer and started to kiss. He let to unzip his jeans. At least he was feeling some kind of delight. There was too much oil, because we were slipping in each other. But he couldn’t get away as I was holding him in my embrace. With one hand I worked to make his cock ready for my pussy. He began himself to kiss my neck and later breasts. I think these babies trilled him, because he was ready much faster than I thought. I easily lead his cock where it obviously hadn’t been for a while. The oil made it easy and we slide together forwards and backwards. More surprisingly he was the first who started to gasp form the delight. My legs around him made us seem as in whole piece. We finished together and his cock was still in me. It was pulsating. We went to different sides, but I am sure he had a great passionate evening at Dubai’s park territory.